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Problem #16 - the hamburger dilemma

Pt En < change language This post's problem is brought to you by my struggles while cooking. I bought 4 raw chicken hamburgers; two of them were plain chicken burgers, the other two were already seasoned, "american-style" (whatever that meant). In practice, I could tell them apart because the american-style burgers were orange and the plain chicken burgers were light-pink ish . I had never had one of those "american-style" (AS) burgers and I was slightly afraid I wouldn't enjoy them, so I decided I would have half of a regular burger and half of the AS burger for dinner. I started cooking the burgers, and at some point I couldn't tell them apart by colour, as you can see in the first picture of this post: they all looked the same colour! So I panicked a little bit: how can I be sure that for my dinner I will only have half of a regular burger and half of an AS burger? Of course in my mind I couldn't just take a bite of each, be